About the Program

The Glider Center of Excellence program is operated at the region level of Civil Air Patrol. Wings coordinate glider activities through their Wing Project Officers. The program offers glider orientation flights and glider flight instruction to CAP members.

For Senior Members

Glider Academies, flight Instruction, and flight scholarships are available for Senior Members. Currently the Northeast Region Academies are available to Senior Members on a space-available basis, with cadets receiving higher priority.

For Cadets

Academies, flight instruction, scholarships, and free Orientation-Flights are available to CAP cadets


Orientation Flights

2015 Dates for Maine Wing. Location: Vermont

Instructions to receive Glider 0-flights

1. To sign-up, a cadet needs to be a current CAP member under the age of 18.

2. Cadets will use the form below or e-mail to contact the Maine Wing Project Officer providing: Name, CAP ID, home squadron, and contact information.

3. All participants must complete the Wing Runner Course and CAPs Aircraft Ground Handling training. Everyone must also be current in their Safety Education.

Note: The WPO will then provide the GCOE with the above information in addition to the syllabus number of the remaining glider orientation flights, and date of last ride for each cadet.

4. If an overnight stay is planned, cadets will be asked to complete a CAPF31

5. On the day of the O-flights Cadets shall bring their CAP ID (temporary is OK) and a pair of non-uniform shoes (BDU boots are prohibited in gliders). Uniform of the Day will be BDU.

Note: Transportation to the glider O-flights will be determined closer to the o-flight weekend and may include air transportation/powered O-flights.

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Orientation Flight Syllabus

Glider Forms

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Glider & Safety Courses

Become a Glider Pilot

There are two methods to becoming a glider pilot as a CAP member



CAP Scholarship Brochure

Scholarship NHQ page

The following criteria applies to all scholarships.  Additional criteria will be noted within the specifics of an individual scholarship description:

Only those members that have been selected for scholarships will need to provide official school transcripts and other supporting documents to validate the information that is provided in the application. 


Northest Region Glider Academy

 2015 Northeast Region Locations and Dates:

For up-to-date schedules for all CAP Glider Academies, see NSCA Website (use the "Select Name" pull-down menu to search for "Glider Center of Excellence" and also "Glider Flight Academy"). Cadets are responsible for their transportation.


Getting Selected (Procedures and Timeline)

Attending an Academy

Students will be mailed a letter on May 15th with detailed information from the Activity Director.

First-time attendees             

Returning attendees

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