Inspector General    

Welcome to the Inspector General (IG) page.  Below you will find information about the Maine Wing IG program and Subordinate Unit Inspections.

The IG system serves to create, in part, an independent and objective system at all levels of CAP.  The IG supports the Commander by being the "eyes and ears" of the Commander to identify any potential issues impacting CAP's mission, effectiveness, and mission readiness. To maintain impartiality, the IG reports directly to the Wing Commander and the CAP/IG through IG channels. 

The Wing IG's primary responsibilities include:

  • Being the "eyes and ears of the Commander with direct access to the Commander.
  • Conducting independent and objective subordinate unit inspections per the CAP-USAF cooperative agreement.
  • Create an atmosphere of trust in which issues can be objectively and fully resolved without retaliation or the fear of reprisal.
  • Receive and handle protected communications.
  • Educate CAP members and Commanders regarding the privileges and protection for those contacting an inspector general.
  • Ensure inspector general staff members and inspection augmentees are trained to conduct thorough, unbiased inspections based on fair and objective fact-finding.

IG Team:

IG:                    Capt Joshua Borges

IGA:                  Vacant

Team Chiefs:    Lt Col Cathy Spaulding

Inspection Augmentees:

                        1st Lt Laura Decato (Trainee)
                        TSgt Shelby Bright  (Trainee)    

News & Important Information

  • We are currently looking for CAP senior member Inspection Augmentees.  Anyone interested in the IG program that have a desire to help with the inspection process should contact the IG.  Inspection Augmentees get hands on experience with the IG program and have a greater understanding of inspections and learn how other squadrons operate and succeed. 

Subordinate Unit Inspections (SUI)

Inspections are an important and necessary process in CAP.  They are required per the    CAP-USAF cooperative agreement and mirror the USAF IG program.  These inspections act as a report card to the squadron and wing commander to demonstrate the effectiveness of a unit.  The inspection process is transparent and does not serve to catch a unit in the act or blindside commanders. 
All subordinate units must have an inspection every 24 months per CAPR 20-3. Once an inspection is completed, all discrepancies must be closed out 5 months after the inspection. Failure to close out discrepancies in 5 months will result in the unit getting shut down except for operations to close out open discrepancies. 

The IG team wants you to succeed and we are here to help you as best we can through the inspection process. 

SUI Schedule



        Discrepancies noted on the final SUI report must be addressed by commanders in the           Document Tracking System (DTS).  Each discrepancy will be listed in the DTS and require        a response every 30 days.  All discrepancies must be closed out 5 months after the        inspection.  The unit will be shut down for failure to close out discrepancies within 5               months and will only be allowed to conduct operations to close out the discrepancy.

       The SUIs track repeat discrepancies from the previous completed SUI.  A repeat                   discrepancy is weighted heavier than regular discrepancies. 

Inspector General Regulations


            SUI PoA       Discrepancy Plan of Action

15 Jan 18

Specialty Track Study Guide-Inspector General

The SUI Process

DTS Information

Information about the DTS and how to respond to discrepancies can be found at the CAP national IG webpage Discrepancy Tracking System Instructions.  A sample plan of action can be found on the IG webpage SUI Information or below under documents.

How to Properly Respond to Discrepancies for Closure

Not all discrepancies can be closed out with a plan of action uploaded to DTS.  The worksheets located on the national IG webpage Inspection Knowledge Base contain the required action in the far right column to close out the discrepancy.  Although the IG has some discretion, the required action for each discrepancy is what the IG uses to close discrepancies out.