2023 Encampment Information:

Encampment Commander - Lt Charity Klinger charity.klinger@mewg.cap.gov 

Cadet Commander - 


Dates: TBD

Cadet Encampment Assistance Program or CEAP OPENS March 1st!

Financial Eligibility. Assistance is targeted towards families who cannot easily afford encampment. Priority is given to families enrolled in federal programs (Snap, WIC, Title I, SSDI disability, etc.) but other families self-identifying a financial need are welcome to apply, including families with two or more cadets in CAP, recently unemployed, or those experiencing other financial challenges.  

First-Year & Returnees. Priority is given to our highest financial need encampment attendees. Remaining funding is prioritized for first-time encampment attendees. Graduates wanting to attend a second or third encampment are welcome to apply.

What assistance is available?

Cadets and their families may apply for assistance with encampment fees, or both uniforms and encampment fees. 

Tuition. Encampment fee assistance will cover 100% of the tuition fees and will be paid directly to the wing (state) selected in the application. 

Uniforms. Uniform assistance is provided in the form of vouchers that may be used for specific uniform items at Vanguard. The voucher may be for $75 or $125, depending on the financial priority level of the cadet.

How do I apply?

Visit eServices, open the "Cadet Encampment Assistance Program" module, and follow the on-screen instructions to apply for CEAP. However, you will also need to apply for encampment itself, if you haven't already. Click here for a more detailed walk-through of the application process.


Financial priority level, first-timer status, and date of application are all factors in awarding funds.  Apply early for the best chance of receiving assistance.

Summer CEAP Round 1: Includes all registered Spring and Summer encampments. Best chance at funding support.

March 1       CEAP  Applications Open 

May 1           CEAP Applications Close 

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2022 Encampment Information: 
Encampment Commander - Lt Charity Klinger    

Cadet CommanderC/1st Lt Michael Cowland 

Location: Bog Brook Training Facility 

                 27 Military Circle, Gilead, ME



Dates: 27 July through 03 August 2022   
            Arrival 1200 to 1230  on Wednesday July 27th  
           Graduation will take place at 1100 on Wednesday August 3rd.  Parents should arrive for 1030

Packing List

ABU Uniform Items (minimums)

  • 2 ABU blouses and trousers

  • 7 ABU undershirt (desert tan)

  • 1 ABU belt (If you do not have an ABU belt, then bring any belt)

  • 1 ABU cover

  • 1 Pair of black boots (broken in and shined)

  • 8 Pair of black cotton socks (boot length or higher)

  • Insignia

  • CAPID Card

PT Uniform Preferred: Tan or black t-shirt, black or dark blue shorts, running shoes (sneakers, preferably black) (Cannot contain any inappropriate clothing:  Which includes but not limited too, ripped, torn, frayed or patched clothing, tank tops, extremely short shorts/skirts, undergarments worn as outer garments, bathing suits, and any garments which are revealing, tightly fitted or contain obscene, profane, or lewd words or drawings)

Class C Blue Uniform (If you do not have a complete set of blues, bring black dress pants/skirt and a white button up shirt)


Male/Female Specific

  • 1 Light blue Air Force blouse
  • Ribbon set and rack
  • Rank insignia
  • 1 Trousers/skirt, dark blue
  • 1 Belt with silver metal buckle 
  • 1 Pair black dress shoes/pumps (Must meet CAP Standards)
  • 2 T-shirts, white v-neck (no graphics)
  • 1 Name plate (These are on backorder from Vanguard, National has given approval for Class C to be worn without)
  • 1 CAP Cadet flight cap with correct insignia

  • 8 pair Undergarments
  • 3 Bras(females only)
  • 3 dark (blue or black) PT shorts 
  • 1 pair Sneakers - Running/PT sneakers
  • 1 pair Shower shoes
  • 1 Raincoat or rain poncho
  • 1 Sweatshirt/Sweatpants for cold weather (Optional)
  • Backpack

  • 3 Shirt Hangers

  • Notebook and Pens and pencils, at least 2 each

  • Ruler, 12 inch

  • Binder to hold writing materials (Optional)

  • 3 Cloth Masks or 15 disposable.  Masks may be necessary when indoors in classrooms

  • Hygiene products (appropriate to gender)

  • Laundry bag

  • Bug spray and Sunscreen

  • Flashlight and batteries (MUST)

  • Shoe shine kit

  • Canteen/water bottle

  • 1 MODEST swimsuit (MUST be one-piece for females, shirt and shorts for males)

  • Hand Sanitizer

Personal Care

  • Moleskin/blister bandaids
  • Foot powder - put inside your boots to help avoid blisters
  • Medications as necessary

Sleeping Items

  • Twin Bed Sheets (Fitted and Top sheet)

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow (with pillow cover) 


  • Shampoo/Conditioner

  • Shower Bag/Shower Caddy (for transporting items to and from the showers and tents)

  • Soap

  • 2 Towels (showers and for waterfront activities)

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss

  • Deodorant 

  • Hairbrush/comb

  • Necessary hair products for females (hair ties, bobby pins, hairspray)

                                            PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS/DRUGS                                              

All prescription drugs will be assigned to the cadet to whom they are prescribed and will be entrusted to his or her care and control.  All other drugs will be confiscated.  However, all medications will need to be disclosed when arriving and the medication will be recorded in a report.


Firearms, knives, explosives, matches, lighters, cellphones, electronic devices, sunglasses, jewelry and other similar items, money greater than $25.00.  Tobacco products of any kind, non-religious reading material, lewd or otherwise inappropriate pictures of any kind, energy drinks, or any food or drinks not ordered by a physician.  Other items not listed may be considered contraband and dealt with appropriately.


Items found in the possession of cadets that are considered contraband will be surrendered for the duration of the encampment and will be in the care and custody of the Encampment Commander or Commandant of Cadets.  Illegal items of contraband will be confiscated and disposed of; not returned to the cadet.  In some cases, a cadet found in possession of illegal materials may be sent home.

Advanced Flight Prerequisites and Extra Equipment

Must have passed a basic encampment

Must have these Qualifications for GTM3:

GES 116, GES 117, ICS 100, ICS 700, First Aid, ICUT (Online Portion), Commander Approval to Train

Should the prereqs not be fulfilled, the cadet will not receive any sign offs at the end of encampment.

- Rocketry phase one and two must be completed:


- In addition to the student cadet packing list, advanced cadets must bring a full 24 hour

pack- put together according to the regulations.

- A sleeping bag is also required

Applications and payment must be received no later than June 30, 2022

Submit completed forms online at FORMS UPLOAD

Note: Anticipated senior member and cadre arrival time for training before the start of encampment is on Monday afternoon 25 July 2022

Activities being offered include an obstacle course, rappelling tower, marksmanship, orientation flights, and more.  

The purpose of the cadet encampment is for cadets to develop leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise, and solidify their moral character which requires support from CAP Officers.

Advanced flight offered with a focus on Emergency Services - prerequisite for AF is basic encampment completion. 

To register: Cadet Cadre and Students need to submit the following forms:

  1. CAPF 60-81 Application for Encampment/Special Activity, https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F_060_081_Application_for_Encampmen_158312DE11C37.pdf
  2. CAPF 160 Health History Form, https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F160_158EAB9B13D02.pdf
  3. CAPF 161 Emergency Information https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F161_023ECA81C03FB.pdf
  4. CAPF 163 O-T-C Medications https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F163_7154E3E39FAFE.pdf
  5. and a fee of $250.00 (**apply for your CEAP Assistance - see Civil Air Patrol - Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (capnhq.gov))**

The fee must be paid in full with the application paperwork unless you have received notification that your CEAP application has been approved by NHQ.