Welcome to the Cadet Programs section of the Maine Wing 

Maine Wing provides exciting, varied and frequent activities for the youth in our State.  We offer the best youth program to young adults age 12-21 in Maine, including Aerospace Education, Leadership Opportunities, Challenges, Character Building, Fun and Fitness Training.  With our opportunities to fly and have cadets attend Powered Flight Academies and petition for money to earn their private pilot’s license, there is no limit to what may be accomplished in our program.

Our Cadets actively participate in survival training, search and rescue techniques, air operations and volunteer service.  As an auxiliary unit of the Air Force, the Civil Air Patrol is in a unique position to offer cadets the opportunity of leadership now and use that training to enter the Air Force at a higher rank, upon completion of the Mitchell Achievement.

Maine Wing has 10 composite squadrons, find a squadron near you: Maine Wing Squadrons

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